welcome to youtual

watch videos with the others

share the moment!

watch synchronously

watch YouTube videos with your friends synchronously. your actions (play, pause, change video or jumping a different time) will effect your friend's player too.

meet new friends

invite others via social media links to your room. there is no need for membership! chat with friends or strangers anonymously.

as in a real room

you are the projectionist as well as the viewer. watch videos as in the same room with your friends as in real life.

join a room

click on a room to join in it.

what to do now?

create or join a room

just click a video thumbnail to join an available room or search a new video on the create section and click one of the results to create your own room.

invite or wait others

if you create a public room, it will be listed on the homepage.

if your room is hidden, it should be good to invite others via social media (or direct link).

watch videos together

if you pause video, everyone's player will be paused! (or play, or change current time or current video..)

remember, these rules are the same for the others too!

create a room

just search a video and click it to create a room